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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mock Caldecott Winners Announced!

Yesterday was voting day!

Books were revisited.

Directions were explained.

Ballots were distributed.

Votes were cast.

And the results are in....

We do not have time to keep voting until we achieve a 50% vote for one book, so I will stay with these results.  

It is Chloe and the Lion for the Caldecott Medal with Honors to Extra Yarn and Nighttime Ninja.    I Have a Dream and Green had a very honorable showing.  

This weekend I will post more on the process as well as the students comments on each book.  They are #priceless.

The best question of the process?
"If the book is meant to appeal to and engage children, are there children on the committee?"

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  1. Our mock Caldecott (the Peasleecott) is a second/third grade activity. Each class chooses a gold and silver. Gold Winners were One Cool Friend (two classes), Nighttime Ninja, Z is for Moose (also placed as Silver in another class) and Unspoken. Silvers were Chloe and the Lion (3 classes) and Extra Yarn.

    Bear Has a Story to Tell, I Have a Dream and Green were all finalists, though. Wonder who will win the "Grown-up" version on Monday!