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Friday, January 11, 2013

5th graders queue up for The Fourth Stall, Part III

The queue for my ARC of The Fourth Stall, Part III is quite long.  It won't get any shorter when students who have already read it are saying things like:
"The Fourth Stall, Part III is the climax of the whole series.  It sums up everything that has happened to Mac and Vince in another hilarious, thrilling, awesome book.  If you liked The Fourth Stall, Parts I and II, this is the book to read.  If you haven't read them yet, you should definitely try them out."

"In The Fourth Stall, Part III the mystery is bigger than ever.  I really love how every thing is connected.  I also like how they made some surprising friends.  The challenge in this book is the hardest of all.  This is a great book."

This series has garnered quite a bit of energy in my school.  I have multiple copes of parts I and II, but they are not meeting the needs of the masses -- the queue for them is equally as long as the one for Part III.

It has been fascinating to watch the excitement around these books grow. I first heard of The Fourth Stall by Chris Rylander last fall, when I participated in a book group with other teachers and bloggers. The discussion was very interesting as the story engendered many feelings from our own childhood experiences with bullying.  We wondered if middle grade readers would feel the same way.  They do and they don't.  They love the humor (and Godfather references), they understand the bullying, they appreciate the characters. The book strikes a chord with my students.  They want to read and talk about this book.  Maybe that's the highest praise. 

Students wanting to talk about books is a cool thing.

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