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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Student Review: The Lions of Little Rock

  The Lions Of Little Rock

The Lions of Little Rock is a moving, exciting, and an adventurous chapter book that has made it on my scale of favorite books. Twelve year old Marlee chooses not to talk most of the time and starting a new school year has definitely made that much harder. Then she meets Liz and works up the courage to speak in front of the whole class. And Liz becomes Marlee’s first real friend. She’s everything Marlee wishes she could be. Then, suddenly Marlee’s teacher tells her that Liz will not be attending their school any longer, and a rumor goes around saying that Liz was a colored girl passing for a white person. Marlee’s whole world changes around. Set in 1958, Integration is a BIG topic. Can Marlee stand up and tell what SHE thinks about it all. Will Marlee stand up to segregation and remain friends with Liz, even if it means taking on the punishment that being friends will cost? This book made me want to never stop reading and will leave you on a cliff hanger the whole way through. Kristen Levine does an excellent job of telling you an insider’s point of view. This is a MUST read for EVERYONE.   
by Emily 

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