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Monday, December 17, 2012

I Learned That..

I learned that I should be more specific in my questions!

This is isn't what I learned though, I have already assessed the Picture Book Trailer Unit.  I am interested in what fifth grade students learned during the unit.  One of my goals was to teach the unit in such a way as to build independence. From the responses below, this was an element that resonated with the students.  I will be repeating the process (with new subjects) throughout the year.  It will be interesting to watch the students take ownership and gain independence.

I am only including a few of the responses for the questions.

What did you learn?

"I learned to really feel the book and create something that matches the mood."
"I would say I learned how to use the computer in new ways."
"I would say that I learned how to better understand the access of creativity on the Internet."
"I would say that I learned to make an animoto and to give credit to some one who I used their picture."
"I would say that I learned how to create a folder, and independently access other websites."   
"I would say I learned a lot about computers, stuff I thought I could not do."
"I learned that you can do a lot of stuff by yourself."
"I would say that I learned to only cover the important parts of the book and that it was SOOO much fun!!!!!
"I leaned how to be safe on the Internet and also i learned how to find music and pictures on the computer. And learned how to make a folder."
"I would say that I learned how to create fun ways to create book trailer for a book I enjoy and how to use a computer more clearly." 
"I learned how to make an Animoto movie and how to get pictures from creative commons."
"I learned how to story board a picture book, and search images on Creative Commons." 
"I would say I learned how to search creative commons for pictures."
"How to make a book more appealing."
"That it's really fun to advertise a book, especially one you have read before and are familiar with."

Are there steps that were not clear or should be reviewed?

"One of the steps that I would like to review is how to make a screen shot."
"Everything was very clear to me, although I had some trouble uploading pictures."
"I want some help with the word thing, where we save the pictures, and write who took the pictures."
"How to continue the Animoto after a day."
"How to cut and paste pictures on Animoto"
"Not really. During the project we had a bit of trouble because we had to find our pictures again, but once we reviewed how to do it was fine, and I still remember the steps."
"At the beginning, I didn't understand that we had to take a screen shot of the credits page, but other than that we were fine!"

Would you be able to repeat this process?

What was your favorite part of the project?

"My favorite part was putting all the pictures in order and finding music."
"I enjoyed putting together the animoto and putting the finishing touches on it.  Like changing music, changing the theme, and previewing it." 
"Getting to see the finished work."
"My favorite part of this project was when we were looking for pictures to put on my Animoto."
"Working with other people and putting it all together."
"Finding appropriate pictures to sort the theme of project we were doing."
"My favorite part of the project was finding the pictures because they were funny and there were so many I could choose what I wanted and it was independent (not many rules)."
"writing the text and picking out the music"
"I enjoyed this project because I enjoyed searching for images on Creative Commons and story boarding an image."
"Working with my partner on a book I really like was really fun, and I also really enjoyed choosing the music and ordering the pictures/text."
"Working with my classmate! I also liked making it look cool."

Are there projects for which you would like to use Animoto?

"We can do a Dewy Decimal project."
"Our Native American project we are doing in S.S."
"A project we could use Animoto for would either be, for chapter books or our favorite books."
"I would like to use Animoto for the book group responses."
"I would like to use Animoto to use this for researching a specific owl and using it to make a project for the Native American region that I will be studying."

Specific books were mentioned:
"I would like to make a video about out Harris Burdick inspired stories."
"I would like to make a video on Liar and Spy, The One and Only Ivan, and Lions of Little Rock."
"I would like to use Animoto for the book Jake and Lily by Jerry Spinnelli and for the book Morning Girl by Michael Dorris."

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