"I have always imagined that Paradise will be some kind of library." ~ Jorge Luis Borges

Thursday, July 5, 2012

ALA Roundup: The Photo Op

"Do you mind taking a picture with me?"

"Is there a chance I could get a picture with you?"

"Is it possible to get a photograph?"

I do not know what possessed me at this conference, but I somehow found the courage to ask to have my picture taken with some of the authors and illustrators I was meeting.

It all started with the author and illustrator Tad Hills.  Tad Hills has a significant following at my school and I was hoping to earn significant "cool points" for having a photo with him in my possession when the school year started.  It was basically all embarrassment from there as I asked other authors and illustrators for a photograph with them.  The best photograph?  Hmmmm... That's hard to say, but if it is any indicator, one of the one's with the incredible Sharon Creech is getting framed.  The other two outstanding author photo op experiences were meeting two other women I admire greatly: Jacqueline Woodson and Andrea Davis Pinkney.

You will hear more about these meetings in future posts. 

I stood in many a long line to meet an author or illustrator, making the "Authors are My Rock Stars" tee-shirt feel like a very true statement. 

Authors and illustrators are my rock stars because I see the impact of their work.  

I am at the beautiful intersection of book and reader.

I witness:
~~how a book can change a student's perception of himself or herself as a reader. 
~~how a book can broaden a student's outlook or understanding
~~how a book can inspire or feed a student's passion

Lucky Me.