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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

ALA Bookstack: Guys Read: The Sports Pages

And now for something completely different...

It was time.  I needed a change.  I had to switch from one #bookstack to the other #bookstack(I know, they don't look any different with just this text, but trust me, there are two different piles.)
So, from the other #bookstack I picked up:
Guys Read: The Sports Pages
I have good news, The Guys Read franchise is staying strong. The amazing Jon Scieszka continues to do a fabulous job of editing this series.  This third book offers another great reading experience sure to engage not just the "guys." (I say this with authority -- being not a guy myself and having enjoyed it.)

He assured me of this when I met him...

This volume is illustrated by the awesome and very talented Dan Santat, who also assured me that I would like the book...

And I did! 

With a line up like this: Dan Gutman, Tim Green, Anne Ursu, Dustin Brown, Jacqueline Woodson, Chris Crutcher, James Brown, Joseph Bruchac, Gordon Korman and Chris Rylander, how could this book go wrong? The varying perspectives and diverse writing styles make for a great reading experience.

These stories are funny, poignant and inspiring and carry messages about dedication, passion, commitment and effort as well as others regarding self-reflection, understanding and growth.

I cannot wait to hear my students' perspective on these and other stories:
Max Swings for the Fences by Anne Ursu
The Distance by Jacqueline Woodson 

I Will Destroy You, Derek Jeter by Chris Rylander
I love that I can hand the Guys Read books to a student knowing that he or she will connect with at least one of the stories.

My apologies in advance for #statingtheobvious, but the other great thing about the Guys Read series is that it allows for student-directed reading -- I can encourage my students to look at the table of contents and begin with an author they are familiar with or with a story title that sounds interesting. It's Reader's Choice! 

Guys Read: The Sports Pages** is another book that I can't wait to hand to student in September...well, maybe not my signed copy!

**Don't be fooled by the title, this book is not just for sports enthusiasts, it will appeal to a broader audience and there are plenty of good life lessons, like those I mentioned above.

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