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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

ALA Bookstack: The Great Unexpected

Those that follow the blog (or know me) know that I am a huge fan, reader, admirer (and the list goes on) of Sharon Creech, a writer well-established in my rock star hall of fame. I had the opportunity to finally meet Sharon at ALA. 

I also picked up an ARC of her latest book, The Great Unexpected.  This was the first book I read from my #ALA12 #bookstack.  

I loved it

Magical things happen in the small town of Blackbird Tree, where Irish Folklore, personal stories and a cast of engaging characters come together to demonstrate the interconnected nature of life.

I love how the chapter art is a reminder about place.  Big things are happening in the little town of Blackbird Tree.  I am including this chapter heading because it gave me great joy to discover that the characters known as the "unfortunate souls" are neither poor nor unfortunate and, even better, have gifts to bestow.

"Oh, lar de dar!"
I am enamored with the two young girls in this book; Naomi and Lizzie are spirited and spunky. This story of friendship and family has gentle reminders about the perceptions and misconceptions we carry, along with the importance of forgiveness. This story and the characters within it have quietly worked their way into my heart. There is much to say about this book, but that will have to wait for my students, who are much better at this than I! 

As I have said before, I love that I am present at the magical moment when young reader and story meet.  It is a beautiful place to be. 

I cannot wait to be there for this book.  

Sadly, I will have to wait another eight weeks to share The Great Unexpected with my “Creech Readers” – as they call themselves -- but I am glad that the discussions we will have will keep Naomi and Lizzie and the other characters in my realm.

I don't know if it had to do with just meeting Sharon Creech, but sometimes I could hear her voice reading the words. Cool Beans.  

Off to read... 


  1. Loving The Great Unexpected (ARC) as well. Naomi and Lizzie are a hoot!

    I have a few Creech fans at school. Thinking of sharing my copy with one as soon as possible.