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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Straight from the horse's mouth...

 ...or the minds of first graders...

On the bottom of the Mock Caldecott ballot, I invited the first grade students to tell me why they thought their number one choice should be the Caldecott Medal winner, specifically asking them to tell me how the book best met the Caldecott criteria.  This was an invitation and I explained to students that it was optional.  

Here's what I find interesting: of the fifteen or so comments I received, ten referred to Grandpa Green.  This story garnered the most first place votes, but it is also the book which most inspired the students to explain their thinking.  

See what these students said...

...about Grandpa Green
I like the way they did the plants.

Grandpa Green is the best because plants help tell the story!

I like how Grandpa Green used plants.

They had a war and showed it by plants.

I like when they battle.

I liked how they made the bushes.

I think Grandpa Green should win because it is very unique.

...about I Want My Hat Back
because I want my hat back has the best illustrations.

I Want My Hat Back is fun to read because it has a mystery.

...about Blackout
Because it is funny when the baby sister wants to turn out the lights.

...about A Ball for Daisy
Wordless book!

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