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Friday, January 27, 2012

Post Caldecott reactions...my students weigh in

I shared the official Caldecott Award results with my first graders. They were eager to hear how the committee had voted.  I am going home on this Friday afternoon feeling a wonderful sense of joy in that my students were as excited by this process as I was.

We first revisited their own voting results (see: And the winner is...) and then shared their comments and compared them to those of the official committee (see: Straight from the horse's mouth...or the first grader's pen).

I thought I would give my students the "last word."  Many of them speak generally about the books, but a few might be asked to sit on a book award committee in the future based upon their comments. Happy Friday! 

What did you like about A Ball for Daisy, Blackout and Grandpa Green?

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