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Thursday, January 31, 2019

During an author visit from Christopher Healy

Christopher Healy came to visit!

My fourth and fifth graders have spent the last few weeks preparing for the visit. They have been: reading from his latest book; engaged in research inspired by the people, places, and events in his latest book; and, constructing meaningful questions to ask during his visit. You can read all about that on this blog post: Planning for an author visit with Christopher Healy.

Our visit was Tuesday and students and teachers are still finding me to share the traditional accolades after an author or illustrator visit. Those accolades are all well-deserved. It was a fabulous author visit! If this is any indication, the first compliment came before Christopher had even left the building! A fourth grader asked, "Can you come a second time?" How great is that?

Christopher has a fun and informative program that includes background information on his books, writing and research tips, an interactive writing segment, and questions and answers time.

It was fast-paced and fun and ended all too soon. 

My favorite piece of advice for my students? 

"Questions are an author's best friend."

My favorite writing strategy?
Tiered writing using questions to build up from a story idea foundation into adding details and onto using one's imagination.

Here's a peak of our visit with Christopher:

Coming up next: After an author visit with Christopher Healy!

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