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Monday, May 21, 2018

The fourth grade picture book biography project in four stages


We started the fourth grade biography project by reading Girl Running: Bobbi Gibb and the Boston Marathon. As a whole group, they then: identified Bobbi's achievements/contributions; determined personality traits and found evidence in the text; created a six word memoir; and, thought about images that would support this information.


I partially created a Google Slide Show with this information and had the students finish it with me. During this process I modeled how to create a complete slide show including being good digital citizens when finding images.


The students chose a biography and worked on their projects. 
a. choose a biography
b. read the biography
c. fill out the information gathering form
d. create slide show
e. present the slide show to your classmates
f. make edits
g. present the slide show to third graders

We had many discussions about not letting the message get lost in the medium. I can see that I need to do a better job of helping some students understand the importance of having the images reinforce the information on the slides. It also looks like I was not clear about thinking about images and art to include. Things for next year!


The students reflected on their project and the process.

There was some confusion about finding evidence in the text. 

I asked the students to share anything else they wanted to say to me. I tossed those responses in a word cloud generator and created two different images. I love what I see:

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