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Monday, May 21, 2018

Mathematical Monday for MAYkers

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Yesterday, the third graders participated in a Mathemagical MAYkerspace Monday. Their mathematical juices and interest were piqued by the "still fabulous in its 20th year" How Much is a Million.

After having fun thinking through the ideas in the book, I explained the rules for the day's exploration, that the students could choose a math-related challenge.

1. Build the most unique, interesting, or tallest structure with only 25 Keva Planks.

2. Choose 30 Lego pieces and build the coolest vehicle or structure you can. Choose those pieces wisely!

3. Adapt a card game to include addition or subtraction and play a few rounds.

4. Sharpen your visual dexterity (image decoding skills) by playing  Q-bitz.

5. Use spatial relations skills to solve Keva Brain Builders puzzles.

6. Solve math problems in some of our math books.

It was a fabulous Monday morning. Have a look: 

Some of the math books - many were borrowed after each class!

Concentration with a twist!

Q-bitz was very popular

Brain Builders are challenging and fun

Keva Plank creativity is endless

Legos are always a hit!

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