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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

ReedALOUD: Lola Dutch

Yesterday my kindergarten students and I read Lola Dutch by Kenneth and Sarah Jane Wright. Lola Dutch is one spunky, sparkly human being whose creativity and imagination know no bounds. We love her and want to be her friend. 

We meet Lola sliding down the banister of her house. My kindergarten students made some predictions about Lola based upon the cover art and some were confirmed with this spread. "She looks like someone who likes to have fun."

Lola's enthusiasm for life is infectious, from lavish breakfast feasts (a kindergarten student's description) to light reading in the library that results in an overflowing wagon full of books and an afternoon creating art. 

I love this image.

 I love these next spreads and the celebration of art.

 Who wouldn't want to follow suit when encouraged by these words, "As the great artist said, 'Creativity takes courage!' Forward, friends!"
This Michelangelo homage is wonderful.
Bear's smile here tells me that being too much is not a bad thing, it's a good thing. I can relate to one's child's ideas sometimes being a bit too much for the adult's energy level, but ultimately experiencing the shared happiness of an amazing outcome. 
Lola's nights have the potential to be amazing as well, but sometimes what you really need is the comfort of your own bed and a reassuring hug.

I love Bear's reassuring words here, they speak of understanding and acceptance of Lola's unbridled enthusiasm for life.  

I asked the kindergarten students to give Lola ideas for her next AMAZING day. They used both Voicethread and poster paper to share their thinking. Given what I saw and heard, these students know how to spend an amazing day.

"go on a rocket"

"travel to a castle"

"play basketball"

"go to the park"

"go swimming"

"go to the aquarium"

"build a castle"

"get a new guy (toy)"

This book has a very cool bonus for those that own it - the jacket becomes a back drop for cut out figures of Lola and Bear. Let more amazing days commence!

**My students recognized Starry Night on the painting page, which was fun. I wish there had been more diversity in the artists chosen to emulate, it would have been nice to talk about Mary Cassatt, Frida Kahlo or Grandma Moses. 

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