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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Picture Book Biographies About Women, By Women, For Everyone

It's Women's History Month! My students and I are commemorating and celebrating the vital role of women in American history. 

This year we're doing things a bit differently, we're focusing on picture book biographies about women that are both written and illustrated by women (and that are, of course, for all readers. It was hard to not include some fabulous biographies about women that were written or illustrated by men, but they didn't meet my criteria. 

I tried to choose books that showed the range of contributions. I was thinking of someone old, someone new, someone who led, someone who drew. This calendar is by no means comprehensive and I am sure there are some significant books that I have missed.  Please add your suggestions in the comments and I will compile them into a more comprehensive list.

Want to click on the links and learn more about the books? Follow this link to the calendar.

There were not enough days in March to
accommodate all the books, so here are a few
Honorable Mentions:
Image result for miss lady bird's wildflowers

Image result for you forgot your skirt amelia bloomer
Image result for a woman for president victoria

Image result for fly high by louise borden

Mrs. Harkness and the Panda by Alicia Potter

I Could Do That!

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