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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Beautiful Board Books from Chronicle Books

On this snow day, I've been catching up on my reading, which means I am surrounded by stacks of books. Book spine poetry is a fun exercise wherever a #bookstack exists! These board books from Chronicle Books are fun inside, too. These books encourage exploration and invite inquiry. Young readers will be engaged by the beautiful art, concepts, and stories. 
The magical storytelling we've come to expect from Molly Idle now in board book form! in Flora and the Chicks, Flora's encounter with a nest full of eggs and a temporarily absent mother leaves Flora quite busy! The story unfolds with each page turn and reveals itself with each gate fold. All goes well until the little chicks bring her a tasty worm, luckily mother hen returns just in time! 

In Fly! young readers move story pieces along as a bird makes a home in a tree, meets a mate, makes a nest, guards eggs, and watches new life take flight. 

This series will be helping to grow global citizens!

Lessons from the little one in You and Me, Me and You show that we are all learners.

Classic Amy Krouse Rosenthal humor here as Little Oink wants nothing more to be neat in a world that asks him to be messy.

Making connections to the natural world in Mommy Snuggles...

and Daddy Dreams

Sisters with different interests are celebrated in Masha and Her Sisters

The class field trip to the museum takes a different turn in A Funny Thing Happened at the Museum

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