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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Which US geographic region would you like to visit?


Background: The fourth graders spend the year learning about the geographic regions of the United States. Embedded into the units are lessons on conducting research, using databases, taking notes, citing sources, and conveying knowledge. For each unit the students share what they have learned. 

This year, we are finally trying an idea that I have been wanting to try for some time. As a culminating project, the students will create a sales pitch demonstrating reasons to visit a geographic region. The students will use knowledge they have gained about a geographic region in the United States (landforms, points of interest, climate, and interesting facts) to convince a group of third grade students to choose that region for their annual family vacation.

Premise for the lesson: Each third grade student can choose where his or her family will vacation next year. The third grade students will vote via Google Form. The fourth graders job is to sell their region as a vacation destination. The vacation can occur at any point during the year, therefore a region with snow may want to promote winter sports and amount of snowfall. In order to do this, they will need to ascertain the significant and unique attractions in their region. 

Goal: Working in groups of six, the students will review notes from research on the geographic regions conducted throughout the year. They will supplement that information with additional research on each state in the region.  The students will decide, as a group, on the top four reasons to visit the region.  The students will create a slogan for their region and craft a leading question to pique the viewer’s interest. After this, the students will create a Google Presentation supporting these four reasons.  The students will create an Animoto movie highlighting the region’s assets and reasons to visit.

Timeline: We are really squeezing this into the end of the year. The last day for students is June 24th!

May 29th -  Introduce the project
June 3rd -  Collaborative research
June 5th -  Finalize top four/develop slogan/craft question
June 10th - Create Google Presentation
June 12th - Create Animoto and embed in Presentation
June 17th - show to 3rd graders

Exemplar for the Project: I used the Northeast Region as no students would be using this region.

Student work templates:  Click this link to find the student work templates.

Third Grade Voting: After watching the presentations, the third graders will be using this form to vote.

I will be posting the presentations when they are finished!

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