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Monday, June 15, 2015

And the place most third graders want their families to visit is...

They have watched the 4th grade projects.

They have reviewed the Google form.

They have cast their votes.

Looks like the Midwest is the most popular destination for these third graders.

What reason did the third graders give for their choice?

I would love to go to the water parks

because it looks really fun

Disney World

Because it has a water park

Because of the theme park and the mythology things

I love family amusement!

You can go horseback riding in Yellowstone Park.

Because at Dinosaur world you can collect real dinosaur bones. I also think dinosaurs are interesting and cool.

Mount Olympus Water and Theme Park

because it had the mount Olympus water park

I think the water park would be fun

the four D's

I chose this region because it has the Mount Olympus Water Park.

Because I read Percy Jackson and i would want to visit MOUNT OLYMPUS WATER PARK!

"I am the biggest fan of Greek mythology ever! Also Percy Jackson has been on the ST. Laurence bridge."

I want to go to the dinosaur world and bring home dinosaur fossils and go to Disney World and Dollywood 

I chose the west because it has an awesome water park and a cool mall!

The Northern Lights because they are very beautiful

This region has so much fun places, like the awesome amusement parks!

I chose this region because I love nature!

The Northern Lights because they are very beautiful

I want to visit the West because I REALLY want to see the VOLCANOES!

Because of the Mount Olympus and and the Mall of America.

Because I want to see Carlsbad Cavern

I choose this region because I'm from TEXAS, I like the wave, and I like the Grand Canyon.

I love nature, and I want to see the northern lights.

I would go to the Midwest because there are a lot of parks

because  you get to see beautiful nature.

Because I want to go to the Mount Olympus theme park.

I would choose this region because the Mall of America and the Gateway Arch.
I read a book called Percy Jackson that has Greek mythology in it, and part takes place in the Midwest.

I chose the Midwest because the water park looks really cool.

I picked this place because of the amazing wonders an sights that you can experience.

Because I want to see the grand canyon

Because it sounds really cool.

I chose the Midwest because I really liked the top four places!

it looks like a fun place to spend time with your family

Because the mall of America is in the Midwest.

Because I want to go to the mount Olympus theme park.
How did the students rank certain aspects of the presentations?

The top four reasons to visit the region had more impact than the slogan and leading question, but the other two were not that far off. I wish I had asked them to rank them each on their own merit. Ideas for next year already!

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