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Friday, May 22, 2015

Wherein the lunch bunch book group visits with Anne Ursu via Skype

The 5th grade lunch bunch book group had an engaging and dynamic time reading The Real Boy by Anne Ursu. Each week, this exuberant bunch would arrive spilling through the door with questions and statements.  It was a great way to begin our discussion.  

Today, these readers visited with Anne Ursu and had a few of their burning questions answered (they could have gone on much longer, but needed to get back to class).  Anne was wonderful. She answered each question thoughtfully and succinctly and left these readers satisfied.  She also imparted strategies for writing - I am eager to see how this knowledge impacts them.  

Here's information from an earlier post on the lunch bunch book group:

The Lunch Bunch Book Group has been reading The Real Boy by Anne Ursu. Each week we gather to reflect on the book, share events that surprised us, and share theories and predictions. It is often this last part that gets the students so excited. Along with discussions, the students have been using pen and paper and technology tools to express themselves.  Here are some of their projects.

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