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Friday, May 8, 2015

"The visit with Mike Curato was..."

I love these first graders'
 Little Elliot Big City fan art.

I expect to see many elephants and cupcakes in future first- and second-grade students' work. Our visit with Mike Curato was incredibly successful.  I heard such positive comments from parents, teachers, and students today. It feels great to get stopped in the hallways to be told by parents how much their child enjoyed an author and/or illustrator visit.

I visited each of the second grade classrooms today and asked each student to give me one adjective to describe the visit. Here's what they said:
If you are unfamiliar with Wordle, the more times a word is mentioned the bigger it gets.  I did not lead the students. I went quietly from table to table and collected words. There are many powerful adjectives here, such as: informative, constructive, inspiring and creative. Thanks again, Mike!

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