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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Hi, My name is_____and I am visiting____ 4th graders create digital postcards

I had the pleasure of working with my building's Instructional Technology Specialist this morning. She suggested a project where the fourth graders would use the Tellagami app to share what they have learned about the National Monuments they are studying. I am always looking for ways to incorporate my five iPads into the learning environment and this proved to be a great use.

Lincoln Memorial

The classroom teacher organized and managed the research process and had the students write a brief paragraph on their monuments.  The classroom teacher also oversaw the creation of the actual postcard art. 

This morning, with the classroom teacher, the ITS and me, the students worked in pairs to practice reading their scripts, time each other to ensure the script was less than 30 seconds, and then create a Gami (Tellagami video). To create the Gami, Angie, the ITS introduced and modeled using the app. The students then helped each other create an avatar, take a picture of the postcard art, and record the script. After evaluating the recording (and rerecording it if necessary), the students published the Gami.

Here are a few examples. 

Supreme Court

Vietnam War Memorial

This is an user-friendly and fun. The students have just enough options for the avatars and the buttons and directions are clear and easy to follow.  More importantly, the fact that students only have 30 seconds to record ensures they focus on the salient facts. I am looking forward to using this app more next year.

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