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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Slice of Life: Resisting the Rush to the Finish Line

The end of the school year is an anxiety-provoking sprint. I am pulled inexorably toward a finish line that I am not ready to cross. YET, I look forward to what lies behind that finish line: Summer. During the summer, I read, I work on my own professional development, and I spend time with family.  BUT, it's not summer yet and I am not quite ready for that now, because I am still deeply committed to this school year and each day in it; so are my students.
Yes, there is a finish line looming, but why rush toward it? The students and I are living in the here and now. 

Like these students, I plan to be present in each school day as the end of the year looms, or is it beckons?


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  2. Hi Jennifer! I was wondering, do you have some sort of curriculum or pacing guide you use throughout the year? I love reading your blog! So many great ideas!

    1. Hi Danielle, Thank you! The answer is yes and no. We have grade level benchmarks and are in the midst of creating a scope and sequence. I know our library curriculum and the benchmarks and then meet with grade levels to map our curriculum. Of course, there are projects and activities that can disrupt the plan, but it all gets done (I hope!).