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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Caught in the Act: Second Grade Researchers

Sometimes I just get to be part of a process, and sometimes that is not enough. I want to be there from start to finish but it is not always possible, either because of timing or the intended outcome of the process. Such is the case with my second graders, who are spending a good deal of time in the library as information gatherers, source citers (yes, I made that phrase up), and all around enthusiastic learners. Here's the thing, I am having so much fun working with them, that I am feeling okay about not being there for the next part of their project.

The students are conducting research on African Animals. They are using a variety of resources, both print and electronic. After a review of how to access information in the various resources, the students then moved between the three stations: electronic resources (mainly encyclopedias), print encyclopedias, and nonfiction texts. Two things made me especially happy yesterday:

Thing One: I observed students taking notes on text in their books and on their screens, but even cooler, I observed them taking notes from videos and images. These students already know that we take in information in a variety of ways and from a variety of media. #coolbeans

Things Two: The students quickly took ownership of this process and even began to take on the persona of their animals. Many could be heard to say, "I live in..." or "I eat..." or "I am the largest..." The best line thus far? "I eat you, but don't worry, you are already dead when I do." Now, there's compassion for you!

Check out these information gatherers:

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