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Friday, July 26, 2013

Little Red Writing

Joan Holub and Melissa Sweet have created an engaging way to introduce and/or remind young (and old) writers about the perils of storytelling.  Little Red Writing is a typical Melissa Sweet production - a beautifully created and rendered book.

I'd like to tell you how much I like this book. How much the verbs and adjectives and conjunctions and adverbs are so totally, amazingly, stupendous. How the funny, exciting, scary, suspenseful story is accompanied by beautiful, rich, engaging, detailed, energetic, illustrations. I'd like to tell you that I learned a lot about grammar and sentence structure and it was all very exciting and very fun!

Thankfully, I did read this book.

Thankfully, I did pick up some storytelling tips.

I equipped myself with the implements for writing...

Once upon a time...

There was a Little Red Pencil.  She was no pushover like some of her other red riding hood story mates.  She was a go-getter, willing and happy to take on the challenges of storytelling.  She attended school with other, themed pencils, such as basketball and birthday. She had a wonderful teacher named Ms. 2.

Little Red Pencil had trouble.  She needed to write a story and writing stories can be perilous.  Things like boring verbs, overly descriptive passages with out-of-control adjectives, carnivorous conjunctions, sloppy sentence structure and inadequate punctuation can destroy a good story.

There was even bigger trouble: The Wolf.   

Luckily, Little Red fixes the problem.  Courageous and quick thinking, this Little Red is a role model for all.  

The End.
This book is sure to be a hit with teachers and students alike.   Just opening the cover pulls the reader in. The end papers kick off the action...
of this incredibly punny and exciting story.

Why, thank you, I will!

Danger, humor, excitement, adventure, mystery, suspense and writing advice all in one?  This one's a keeper!


  1. Thank you for this wonderful and write on!

  2. this looks great! looks like a good one to add to our list.