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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

"We should be careful with nature."

Today, we were finally able to read The Curious Garden by Peter Brown.  We loved this book!  

We have a school garden that the students plant in the spring and then take care of all year.  I hoped this would be good timing as planting days start next week.

The difference between the dreary city at the beginning of the story and the beautiful green city at the end caused the students to think about how important it is to be a gardener and take care of the Earth.

"It is important to have trees because they help us breathe."

"This book reminds me of the Lorax."

"We should be careful with nature."

After reading the book, we visited the High Line Website. We enjoyed learning about the real railroad in New York City that inspired this book. 
We compared pictures of the old railroad on the High Line website with how it looks now as well as comparing the pictures at the beginning of The Curious Garden with the pictures at the end.
We also watched snippets of the videos, High Line History, High Line Construction and High Line Green Up.

This was a wonderful morning of #booklove.

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  1. Wow. The Curious Garden is a favorite at our school and I didn't know it was inspired by a real railroad track. I'll have to share this with my students, thanks!