"I have always imagined that Paradise will be some kind of library." ~ Jorge Luis Borges

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

"A hawk eats my chickens"

In the library, I hosted Jim Parks of Wingmaster's, a birds of prey rehabilitation program. Jim comes into our school twice a year, courtesy of the PTO Creative Arts and Sciences Program.  He shares his knowledge of birds of prey with both our 5th and 1st grade students. Here is what my first grade students learned today.

They used Kid Pix 3D, pen and paper and Voicethread to share their new knowledge!

Normally I use the time that Jim is in the library to catch up on tech trouble shooting or spend some time collaborating with another teacher, but not today.  Today and I stayed, and today I learned.  I learned a lot. I am so excited to go home and share with my family what I know about peregrine falcons (whose name means wanderer).  They are the fastest animal on the earth and they travel up to 15,000 miles a year.  Holy cow, that is twice as many miles as I put on my car a year! Yikes! 

We'll be continuing our research on birds and animal adaptations next week. Stay tuned!

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