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Friday, April 12, 2013

Wherein the Candlewick Preview makes me think about autumn...

Lucky me!  
I was able to go to the
this morning!

Not only did we get a preview of some incredible books, which I can't wait to put into students' hands (though this will have to wait until the fall, this was a preview after all), we had a special guest stop by:
Yes, that is me with Kate DiCamillo!

I have loved Kate's books, 
my children have loved Kate's books, 
and my students have loved Kate's books, 
but now I more than love them because of meeting her
What an engaging, personable and fun individual!

She read from her new book:
Which she describes as "girl meets squirrel."

This is book is incredible.
She had a room full of book lovers and readers laughing, gasping and calling out -- oh wait, maybe that was only me calling out...

 I cannot wait for vacation to begin at 3:00, 
so I can sit down and read this funny and poignant book!
What else did I see that I am eager to put in my elementary school library?

A piece of incredible historical fiction

A mesmerizing wordless picture book

A graphic novel with Buster Keaton as a character
Great new Toon Books

and a novel about a young boy working in the fair grounds.
Thank you, Candlewick crew!

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