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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Celebrating Spring-ish with Animation-ish

My very good friend and colleague (who happens to be the art teacher) and I wrote a grant to purchase fifteen copies of 
Fablevision's Animation-ish program.  

We introduced Animation-ish to the second graders on Thursday.  Collaboration is the best and this was the best kind of collaboration - it included both teachers and students! I love co-teaching with Hadley. With this project we were able to bring our individual strengths to the experiences  - her artistic and creative expertise and my technology and digital story-telling expertise.
We decided to start small.  We chose the theme of spring-ish words.  The students brainstormed words as a group and then set off in partners to create their spring-ish Animation-ish.
We modeled using Animation-ish, but knew the students would be far more innovative and sure enough, they were!

We loved watching the students work together so well - choosing a word, deciding how to illustrate it and then taking turns with each layer.  Collaboration indeed!


I'll post their projects tomorrow!

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