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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Puddles left by rain...

Puddles left by rain
are my playground inviting
me to jump right in

I plan to get my 3rd grade students writing Haiku poems this week and will post the results.  I'll be using this book to inspire my students:
Bob Razka and Peter H. Reynolds have teamed up to create an engaging and inspiring book of seasonally-themed haikus about life and nature from a young boy's perspective.  As you can imagine from my own attempt above, my favorite Guyku is one about puddles.  Who hasn't walked by a puddle and wanted to jump right in and create a splash?

Visit the Guyku site and be inspired to write your own Guyku (or Galku).  This site has "How to" guides and inspiration cards to get you started as well as templates for printing and publishing your finished products.

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