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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

First Graders Group the Members of their Households in Thoughtful and Creative Ways

My first graders and I read Five Creatures by Emily Jenkins and illustrated by Tomek Bogacki.
In it, a young girl groups the five creatures (three humans and two cats) living in her household in thoughtful and creative ways. The students loved this book. They were actively engaged in exploring the ways the girl grouped her family and thinking of others. 

I created a template for my students to write a new page of the book using their own households. We are a diverse population of learners, so with that in mind, the term "household" was used broadly. I wanted to make sure the project supported students with more than one household as well as those who have nontraditional family structures. Here's the template:
The project was not only successful, but also much fun. The students were on task and the room was buzzing with conversations about their work. Check out some of their new pages for Five Creatures:

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