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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Focusing on Kindness during Picture Book Month

I consider Picture Books one of the most valuable parts of the literary canon. Like all literature, picture books, have the capacity to make us laugh, make us cry, expand our world view, and consider a new perspective. Like all literature, picture books teach us things, help us understand who we are, and show us who we can be.  BUT picture book authors and illustrators do all this in thirty-two (ish) pages! Picture Book Month provides the opportunity to reflect on the power of the picture book and the power of the stories each holds. 

With my second graders, we are focusing on books that help us understand what it means to be kind and choose kind. Below are the books that I will be reading with the students. 

Week One:

Image result for i'm new here anne sibley o'brien

Week Two

Week Three
Come with Me

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