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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

According to my students, this is what our School Rules look like and sound like in the School Library

The first few weeks of school are spent establishing rules and creating routines. Given that I see about 520 students each week, I have streamlined this process slightly. I adopt our all school rules as our library classroom rules and then have the students share what living by each of those rules looks like and sounds like in our space. 
Each week, we read a book that helps start a discussion around one of the rules. The students then discuss and share their ideas for what it looks like (the actions they will take) and sounds like (the things they will be saying). I then condense all the student responses into common themes and ideas. 

This year, I had a parent help design the poster and went to the expense of getting them printed. They just arrived. and I am in love with them. I am so excited to have these posters hanging in our library reminding all of us of our school rules and guiding all of us on our learning journey. 

As part of our Responsive School Library Program, I plan to use their language to reinforce expected behaviors, like: "Students are showing that they know how to take care of each other by using kind and encouraging words." Stay tuned!

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