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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The circulation statistics tell a story of their own

Running circulation statistics and a Titlewave Analysis at the end of the year provides significant data. I gain a better understanding of the borrowing habits of the school community. I am able to compare this data to previous years to ascertain trends and interests. I can see which parts of the collection are in need to weeding and updating. 

A few things I learned:

The top borrower was a fifth grade boy, who held the top spot for the year as well as the top spot for borrowing over the six years these students were at the school. In fact the top five students remained the same, which tells me that they took advantage of the library resources fairly consistently over their years at our school.

In looking at the grade level statistics four boys held spots in the top ten and seven in the top fifteen. I like this data. It tells me that students see themselves as readers regardless of gender.

Eight of the top ten classrooms were first and second grade classrooms, which is not surprising because they have a longer library class period and the materials they borrow tend to be borrowed for only a week. Surprising was the third grade classroom that came in in the second spot. I will spend some time thinking about what was different with that class. A fourth grade classroom entered the top ten at number eight. Another great showing for an upper grade.

Here's how circulation broke down by neighborhood:


The collection is geared toward nonfiction, which tells me that the 25% of the collection that is fiction sees a much higher rate of circulation. I was slightly surprised given how much nonficiton I see leaving the library.

I spent a significant amount of time weeding the collection at the end of the year. This work was overdue in certain neighborhoods and as you can see from the information below, more work needs to be done.

Comparing the last two years, I am wondering why circulation dropped off. It may be that I was not allowing for enough browsing and borrowing time or it may be that the collection was starting to feel dated. 

I am hoping all the weeding I have done will make browsing easier and make the books on the shelf more appealing. We'll have to wait and see!

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