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Friday, January 6, 2017

ReedALOUD: Your Alien Returns

Hooray! He's back! 

Teaming up for their own new adventure,  Tammi Sauer and Goro Fujita, have brought back that adorable alien and sweet little boy who stole our hearts.  This time, the day of play is out of this world, literally. We're off to some unknown planet for the play date of our lives.
Sauer's humor is in full form as our young protagonist once again finds the perfect moment to ask his parents about the play date:

Off they go in the space ship and the adventure begins. My students and I wished we could jump into this page and speed around the planet!

Tammi Sauer's succinct narrative gets to the heart of the matter, literally and figuratively. Readers experience the excitement of the new and unknown...
....as well as the uncertainty when too much becomes unfamiliar.

This time, it's the alien who recognizes what his friend needs and comes to the rescue. 

We should all have a friend like this.

My students love these books. Here are some things they would eat or share or play if they were lucky enough to have an alien friend:

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