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Friday, September 23, 2016

From Hopes and Dreams to Rules and Routines

This week, we're making the connection between our Hopes and Dreams and our Rules and Routines. 

Last week's hard, but fun, work thinking about what they want to accomplish, achieve and/or learn in library continues with thinking about the rules and routines that will allow these hopes and dreams to come to fruition. (This post shares the lesson for the third, fourth, and fifth graders. The lesson for the first and second graders can be found here.) 

Our school rules are: 
Take Care of Yourself
Take Care of Others
Take Care of Our Environment

This week, the students and I began a discussion about what these rules look like and sound like in the library.

After connecting to our hopes and dreams and reviewing our school rules, I started the students thinking about them by reviewing our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). By following these technology guidelines, the students are taking care of themselves, each other, and our environment. With the third, fourth and fifth graders, we reviewed the AUP in a way that also demonstrated how I was working on my own hopes and dreams, which are:

SO, what did I do?  

I used my interactive white board...interactively! It was simple, but effective. The students took turns coming up to the board, reading a statement and talking through their thinking while deciding under which area of the AUP it belonged. 

After this we discussed and modeled using our take a break space, addressing how using it ensures that students are taking care of themselves and each other.
Following this the fourth and fifth grade students then shared their thinking about our school rules on a Padlet. The third graders met in table groups to brainstorm what the rules look like and sound like in the library.

Here's what they had to say:

We'll be continuing to explore the rules and their application by reviewing this week's work and delving a little deeper into how students can take of themselves in the library.

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