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Thursday, June 23, 2016

The 2016 Who and What Edition of Reading in the Library

We circulated almost 25,000 books from a collection of 11,000. We have a population of 498 students, a majority of which have very full bookshelves and tall book stacks at home, so this is impressive.

Top circulating titles overall 

Top 25 Novels

Top 25 Graphic Novels

Top 25 Picture Books

Top 25 Early Readers

Top 10 Biographies

 Natural Sciences Top Both 
Applied Sciences and Sports and Leisure 

Homeroom borrowing statistics
Three first grade classrooms land in the top ten!

Eight of the top 25 highest borrowers were boys. In the top ten, there was one boy at spot number four. Four third graders landed in the top ten. Interesting statistics for me to think about as I plan next year. 

It's day 180, so that's a wrap! 
We'll see what next year brings!

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