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Thursday, January 28, 2016

What kindness role models have you met through reading?

It's Kindness Week on the World Read Aloud Day seven strengths count down.  On this poster are a few of the book titles that my students shared when asked, "What kindness role models have you met through reading?" During our conversation they mentioned specific characters and the actions that modeled what it means to be a friend, but that seemed too much for the poster, so it is just the titles.
We've joined the WRAD initiative a little later than usual this year, so we are jumping right in at week four.  The WRAD classroom kit has suggestions for titles of books to read with students or children, for each week. For Kindness Week, I  was happy to see Each Kindness by Jacqueleine Woodson on this list. I have read this book with students in the past and it always invites important conversations. I decided to read it today, along with talking about Patricia McKissack's Mirandy and Brother Wind and The Honest-to-Goodness Truth, two books I would add to their list.
After reading Each Kindness with my four classes today, there was a quiet hush and at least one student said out loud, "That was so sad." I asked them why it was sad and eventually brought the discussion around to authenticity and how this story reminds readers that we need to make the right choice the first time because there might not be another opportunity to make things right. The students also felt the hope in the book, knowing that Chloe would make a different choice the next time. 
I'm looking forward to Confidence Week. 
What will you be reading?
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