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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Mice on Ice!

Lucky Me!
For the twelfth year, I worked with a group of women to decorate a tree for the Concord Museum Family Trees Exhibit. (If you click on this link, you will our tree from last year!)

Lucky Me!
I am in awe of the creativity and ingenuity of these women, my friends.  I love these women, but I love even more that we gather together to create something.  After planning out our display, we cut, glue, sew, paint, and talk.  Mice on Ice was a fun and sometimes challenging display, "How can we get these mice to skate on ice?"

Lucky Me!
This year, we were fortunate to create a tree for Mice on Ice by Rebecca Emberley and Ed Emberley, both of whom were able to participate in the author/illustrator visiting day, which was today!  I had never met the Emberley's and let me tell you, they are fun...and impressive, between the two of them they have over 100 books! Here a TeachingBooks.net interview with Ed Emberley about Mice on Ice.

Lucky You!
If you live in the area, 
the exhibit is up through January 1st. 

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