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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

And the Mr. Tiger giveaway winners are...

Wait. This is the first time I have ever announced winners, of anything.  I have to tell you that it is a strange feeling.  My excitement is tinged with a little sadness for the people that did not win.  I wish I could send Mr. Tiger Goes Wild! to each person that entered my giveaway because I think this book is both a visual and emotional treat and I want EVERYONE to read it.  I also really hate disappointing people. Enough about me!  Winners and winners not there must be, so without further ado, the three winners of the Mr. Tiger Goes Wild! giveaway are:

Donna Macdonald

Allison Jackson

Sherry Gick

I would like to thank...

*Peter Brown for creating a book that is beautifully crafted in both writing and illustration.  Mr. Tiger Goes Wild! is deeply appealing and engaging and just makes my heart happy! I cannot wait to share the book with my students.

*Jen at Teach Mentor Texts who came up with this great idea.

*My blog scavenger hunt friends, Aly at Kid Lit FrenzyFranki at A Year of ReadingKatherine at Read, Write, ReflectLaura at LibLaura5, and Colby at SharpReadI loved reading their stories and seeing the different ways we each connected with Mr. Tiger Goes Wild!

*Little, Brown Books for providing the books for the giveaway.

*You, the reader of this blog, and everyone else who played along. You made my week special. Thanks for playing!

...and now back to our regularly scheduled programming.


  1. Yea! Very excited. If it makes you feel better about not having a book for everybody, please know that I will "pay it forward" with your book. Just found out last night that Peter Brown is/was at my local indie bookstore tonight. I couldn't attend the event, but I did order a copy of the book to have Peter Brown sign it for me. So will keep signed copy & forward yours on to another lucky person!
    Thank you very much!

  2. Thank you for doing this with us! So fun! And your first giveaway?!? Love it!