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Saturday, March 2, 2013

The World Read Aloud Day Ambassadors are ready!

The World Read Aloud DayAmbassadors are getting ready for their work next week.  Their job is to get every student and staff member excited for the big event on Wednesday, March 6th.

They have created scripts:
Van: Hello Ms Ramgren’s class, I’m Van and this is Pete, Ellie, Ollie and Clary and we are here to tell you about World read aloud day, or WRAD.
Clary: W.R.A.D. is a day devoted to reading. How many of you read at home with your parents? (pause) What kind of books do you read?(pause, call on children)
Pete: W.R.A.D. is on March 6, 2013. That’s tomorrow!
Ellie: World Read Aloud Day is when people around the world read a book aloud to each other. It is in celebration of being able to read. Think about how much you wouldn’t know if you couldn’t read!
Ollie:  So help us on this amazing day by reading aloud to someone or have someone read aloud to you. 
Ellie:  Everyone will have a notice sent home to their parents informing them of W.R.A.D.
Clary:  You will also get bookmarks sent home to you for you to decorate.
Ollie: All the bookmarks will be sent off to children who benefit from LitWorld, which is an organization that helps kids who can’t read!
Pete On W.R.A.D. tomorrow you should ask your parents to read aloud to you because everyone in the world will also be reading aloud. 
Ellie and Clary: Thanks for listening to our presentation and
All:  Happy Early World Read Aloud Day!

Some students created a Voicethread of their presentation:

Some students have video taped their presentation:

Some students created an Animoto to add their presentation:

Join the Movement. 
Read it Forward on March 6th.

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  1. I LOVE all of this! Every bit of it! All your creativity and passion and purpose and collaboration! Thank you, LitWorld friends! With love from Pam