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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

These last two weeks..

... of school are always  
This is not earth shattering news for any teacher or school employee, but I will demonstrate what I mean.

While hallways are being stripped of their signage, student projects and art; and, while the barrage of end-of-the-year procedures fill in boxes; students are still learning and great work is still being produced.

It's just an inevitable, odd juxtaposition.

This week, I participated in a "Technology Breakfast" where students shared their VoiceThread slide shows.  

These second graders have been learning about life for a young student in Ghana, Mexico and China.  

To produce the slide shows the students had created pictures in KidPix, exported them and then imported them into their VoiceThread accounts and finished by narrating the slides.

The best part?

These second graders took total ownership over the process.  

These are not perfect, but they are their own.

Here are two of the slide shows comparing and contrasting elements of life with a student in China.

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