Friday, January 10, 2014

The one where we visit with Jarrett Krosoczka

This week, my 3rd graders and I visited via Skype with author/illustrator, Jarrett Krosoczka.
Wait, let me rephrase that, yesterday, my 3rd graders had an fantastic, fun, and fabulous visit via Skype with Jarrett Krosoczka.

I say "fantastic, fun, and fabulous, but I should also add inspiring, important, and informative because I think it is important to share that not only are author visits (whether in person or virtual) fantastic, fun, and fabulous, they are also inspiring, important, and informative. Connecting with authors, in person or virtually, provides: valuable reading and writing inspiration; important connections to books and reading for all students; and, connections to the learning around reading and writing occurring in the classrooms.

It was fantastic, fun, and fabulous:

We watched a video where Jarrett talked about some of his early writing and showed his first book.  Never has the life of fruits and vegetables seemed so exciting and dangerous!

The students asked questions:

Jarrett drew 
Lunch Lady and Platypus Police Squad 
characters for us:

Jarrett gave us a preview of his upcoming books, including
Peanut Butter and Jellyfish!

It was inspiring, important, and informative:

"I was inspired to read more of his books 
and write more stories myself."

"He inspired me to draw still life pictures 
that someday might inspire a book."

"He inspired me to NEVER give up."

"He uses things from his real life in stories."

"He inspired me to look at things I have created in my past, illustrations and stories, and recycle them."

"He inspired me to keep writing 
so I can publish my stories one day."

"I learned how he builds his sketches 
using a blue pencil and scanner."

"He likes to write away from his studio and in a small, quiet place like a coffee shop, airplane, and library."

It was very cold the day of his virtual visit, so an indoor recess was mandatory. Many third graders were spotted creating Lunch Lady cartoons and gadgets along with their own graphic novel creations.

Cotton Candy Rope

I think this visit will have a long-lasting influence on these students' reading and writing lives.

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  1. Wow, the kids got so much out of it! They were amazingly patient and sat still for over 1 hour. It was a pleasure to watch Jarrett's Skype visit with your kids! Thanks for having us!!